Key executive producer

Pounamu is the durable & highly valuable jade found in New Zealand.  Maori used pounamu to create tools, jewellery and weapons.

 Hineani Melbourne is a  multi-award-winning television, drama and film producer she believes in stories that come from a strong cultural base and perspective. Innovative story telling on multiple screens.  An early example was the special effects drama television series Moko Toa 1 &2 (repackaged & broadcast as TV feature for TVNZ & Māori TV, featured on Japan’s NHK).   

  • Film
  • Television
  • Commercials
  • Online Screen Experiences
  • Cultural Consultancy
  • Production Management
  • Research​
  • International & Indigenous

About pounamu media 

Based in Auckland New Zealand Pounamu Media  produces short films – Ūkaipō Whenua 2016 (Wairoa Film Festival, NZIFF - Ngā Whanaunga, ImagineNative).The Winter Boy ( 2010 NZIFF, 2011 International de Films de Femmes Creteil, France 2011 Magma Film Festival, NZ 2011 Wairoa Maori Film Festival, NZ,2011 Rhode Island Film Festival, USA 2011 Kyoto Children’s Film Festival, Japan 2011 All Roads Film Festival, USA 13 Days Out (2003 drama thriller, NZIFF 2003 )