From the 1800’s foreigners or Tauiwi began arriving in Aotearoa, New Zealand.  

After more than 250 years of immigration and intermarriage with the Maori people, Tauiwi have founded Māori dynasties and families throughout Aotearoa who carry their  surnames to this day.

This the first series of Taha Tauiwi traces the Māori surnames of Jones (Wales), Papali'i (Samoa), Milroy (Isle of Man), Tuiono(Atiu), Melbourne (England), Tamaariki (Rarotonga), Teokotai(Rarotonga) and Keelan (Ireland) just a few of the surnames that confirm  foreign ancestry and acknowledge our genealogical links to ethnicities, cultures and countries, all over the world.

Māori travellers “lift, carry and return” the spirit of their Tauiwi ancestors back to their original homelands and birthplaces.   Māori whānau record and send video messages to their Tauiwi Whānau overseas, announcing their intention to visit and the reasons behind it.  For some families it is the first time in over 200 years that Māori have reconnected with their "otherside".

“ Two cultures and two families connected by blood, meet, commemorate and celebrate their common ancestry ”